#ThePrisonersWife by Ali Blood #BookReview @JPCarterAuthor @AvonBooksUK

I am super excited to share my review with you today for The Prisoner’s Wife by Ali Blood….Which is out now!!

She’s married to a monster.
Till death do them part…

She’s married to a monster.
Till death do them part…

Emma’s husband is in prison.
Emma’s husband claims he is innocent.
Emma’s husband is a liar.

And he’s not done with her yet…

My Thoughts

Holy smoke…..what the hell did I just read! Wow, OH MY GOD this book is freaking awesome. So many things I want to tell you, where do I begin?! This book is nothing like I thought it was going to be. It is way much better than I anticipated. With a very intruguing blurb I thought this was going to be another Domestic noir.It really is not!

Emma’s husband is in prison. Emma’s husband is a gangster. Do I need to say anymore?! Gangland fans are going to love this book because I certainly did. For that reason and the fact this book grabs you from the start and doesnt let you go until the very last page. From start to finish I was taken on a white knuckle ride with Emma. Gosh….I loved her.

You can feel the power, the tension, antiexty, the terror every page you turn with the plot and the charcaters. I literally could’nt put this down and devoured it in one sitting. The whole time wanting to know what was going to happen next. This is a full on, totally engrossing on the edge of your sit read.

So many twists, turns and OMG moments this book will blow your mind! Not forgetting the ending….I wasn’t expecting that! I cannot praise this book enough giving it all the stars.

Grab now on the link below for only 99p


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