#Viper’sNest of Lies by Daniella Bernett #GettingToKnowTheCharacterInterview with Emmeline Kirby and Gregory Longdon

Daniella Bernett joins me today to take part in my Getting to know the character interview with Emmeline Kirby and Gregory Longdon. Charcters of Viper’s nest which is out on the 18th September

The Book

Twice dead…A living nightmare
The discovery of a blood-encrusted stiletto knife in journalist Emmeline Kirby’s bag at Heathrow Airport sets in motion a chain of events that ensnares everyone she holds dear. The body of Sebastian Jardine is soon found in the boot of Superintendent Oliver Burnell’s car, leading to accusations that he and Emmeline conspired to commit murder. Desperate to clear their names, she turns to Philip Acheson of the Foreign Office for help. But when two Special Branch officers arrive to arrest him, he is forced to go on the run.
Gregory Longdon, Emmeline’s husband and a jewel thief/insurance investigator with ties to the criminal classes and MI5, is the only man Philip can trust. Gregory is on his own quest to prove her innocence in a game that makes no sense. Jardine was no stranger. His old friend was a former Interpol agent, who soured on the law and succumbed to his baser instincts. The real problem is Jardine died five years earlier. A fancy pink diamond with a murky provenance that men are willing to kill to possess holds the key to the truth. From London to Malta, Emmeline and Gregory are drawn into a web of corruption and revenge. Will they forfeit their lives for justice?

Getting to know the character interview with Emmeline Kirby and Gregory Longdon

Can you describe your characters?

Emmeline Kirby is a petite bundle of fiery determination, who seeks to discover the truth at all costs. She’s fiercely loyal to those she loves. At the same time, she has a short temper and is impatient, a combination which often sends her hurtling into perilous predicaments. 

Gregory Longdon is her suave and dashing husband. Much of his past remains cloaked in shadows and oftentimes he goes off on secret forays of his own. Emmeline has vowed to find out every little detail because she hates being left in the dark. 

By the way, Emmeline and Gregory are British.

What is their job role and where do they work?

Emmeline is the editorial director of investigative features at The Clarion newspaper in London. 

Gregory is the chief investigator for the insurance firm Symington’s. However, he is a jewel thief. He promised Emmeline to put his stealing days behind him when they married. But he can’t give up the exhilaration of the game. Shh, we won’t tell Emmeline. She’ll kill him if she finds out. 

How did the original idea of them come about?

There are many wonderful series featuring a police detective as the protagonist. However, the law imposes constraints on a policeman’s actions. Therefore, I felt a series where amateur sleuths solve the crimes would yield more possibilities for complications. 

What makes them original?

A journalist and a jewel thief approach situations from different sides of the law. And yet, Emmeline and Gregory abhor murder and share the view that the culprit must pay for the crime, otherwise chaos would reign in the world.

What makes them tick?

Aside from their dedication to justice, I believe my readers would say that what drives Emmeline and Gregory are their love and respect for one another’s intellect and unique capabilities. 

What is their biggest fear?

They both fear being ripped apart. Gregory’s murky past already forced him to leave her once. His secrets, and his enemies, remain a constant threat.

If you and your characters met in real life, do you think you’d get on?

Yes, I would get on with Emmeline. She’s true to herself and admits her flaws. I admire her perseverance. I’m wary of her impetuous streak, though. Meanwhile, I’m certain I would fall victim to Gregory’s myriad charms. He may be a thief, but he’s a gentleman with a code of honor. Like Emmeline, he’s always ready to leap to the aid of a friend.  

Who would you like to see play them if your books were made into a film or TV show?

Rufus Sewell would be perfect as Gregory. He’s charming, witty and handsome, and extremely talented. Emmeline is a bit more difficult, but I believe Lily James or Jenna Coleman would bring her to life with great skill because they both have such a wide acting range. Either John Nettles or Hugh Bonneville would pull off the role of Superintendent Oliver Burnell of Scotland Yard with aplomb. Rupert Penrys-Jones would be terrific as Philip Acheson, who ostensibly works for the Foreign Office, but is a MI5 agent.

How many books do you have in the series so far?

Viper’s Nest of Lies is the seventh book in the series. I’m currently working on Book 9.

What’s in store for them next?

In A Mind To Murder, Book 8 which will be released in fall 2022, Emmeline and Gregory find themselves plunged into a knotty web of danger that takes them from London to Spain. 

you can pre-order your copy on the link below

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