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I am super excited to share my review with you today for Silent Victim by Michael Wood….Which is out now!


DCI Matilda Darke and her team have been restricted under special measures after a series of calamitous scandals nearly brought down the South Yorkshire police force.


Now Matilda is on the trail of another murderer, an expert in avoiding detection with no obvious motive but one obvious method.


When his latest victim survives the attack despite her vocal cords being severed, Matilda is more convinced than ever of the guilt of her key suspect. If only she had a way to prove it…

My Thoughts

OMG….sorry to talk about the ending of the book first. But holy smoke I can’t believe I have to wait until the end of March 2023 for the next installment! What a flippin cliff hanger to leave us on….my jaw just hit the floor with that shocker of an ending. There I was thinking how nicely the story had been wrapped up. Then BOOM a full on WTAF ending!!! Well I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Now I have got that off my chest I need to say that this is the tenth book in the series which I absolutely love. Just when I thought it could’nt get any better. Michael totally nails it making this his best book ever. Those of you that read this series will know its dark but in this story Michael takes it to a whole new level. When we follow Matilda on the hunt for a killer who is a total nut job to say the least. Having no idea who it is or why this malicious killings are happening. A victim survives the attack and we follow Matilda on a roller coaster ride trying to work out who it is.

I loved the connection and relationship thats built up with the surviving victim the author uses sensitivity in his writing and you can feel the genuine side of Matilda showing her caring authentic side. Giving some brilliant characterisation.

Silent Victim is full of twists and turns and OMG moments. I had no idea who it was. It is totally addictive and unputdownable I loved everything about it.

I still can’t get over the ending! This book ticked all the boxes. It is an excellent read which I highly recommend….. roll on March!!


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