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I am super excited to share my review with you on publication day for Only Child by Casey Kelleher

The police are here. The feeling of pure dread swirls in my stomach as a million scenarios start playing out in my head. My whole life I’ve expected something bad to happen to my daughter. It is as if part of me has been expecting it. As if I deserve it.
Fifteen-year-old Kayla is the apple of her parents’ eyes, their beautiful only daughter. They tried for so long to have her that she was even more precious when she arrived. But deep down, her mother Sherrie has always been terrified that their worst fear would come true: that Kayla would be taken from them.
Then one day – just as Sherrie had dreaded – Kayla fails to return home after a sleepover. In desperation, Sherrie and her husband Richard call Kayla’s friends. They scour the streets, their search becoming more and more frantic. Until the police arrive and deliver the shocking news, when their worst nightmare comes true: someone has their daughter.
As Sherrie and Richard grill friends, family, and even each other, Sherrie starts to wonder, has the secret they’ve been hiding all these years finally caught up with them?
Because Sherrie and Richard are living a lie. A lie so huge, so shocking, that it could destroy the one thing they hold most dear – their daughter.
And if the truth comes out, their family will never be the same. But if it doesn’t, they will never see their precious girl again…
A totally unputdownable psychological thriller that will have you gasping out loud until the very last page. If you love Lisa Jewell, K.L. Slater and T.M. Logan, you’ll be obsessed with Only Child.

My Thoughts

Oh my word! what a deliciously twisty, moving, gripping story Only Child is ……I flipping loved it!

I have been a fan of Casey’s from the start when she self published her first novel Rotten to the Core Since then I have been a massive fan. I love her style of writing and her grit lit novels. But I have to say that she is a dab hand at writing psychological thrillers. This book has proper, wowed me.

It has characters that are relatable that jump out of the pages at you. The tension and anixety I went through while reading this was unreal. A totally pulse racing on the edge of your seat read.

Just when I thought the story was being wrapped up Casey throws in a masive f**king twist! Holy smoke where the hell did that come from?! talk about throwing me sideways. I cannot praise it enough….

Absolutely incredible this book is!

Grab your copy on the link below


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