#AudioReview #Outcast by Kerry Barnes @KerryBarnes1 @AnnieAldington

I am super excited to share my audio review with you today for Outcast by Kerry Barnes……Which is out now

After serving eight years inside for armed robbery, Mitchell Swan comes home to find his family in chaos and his violent father-in-law to blame. Within hours, he moves out, taking only his middle son and leaving his other two children, Jordan and Sonny, to be dragged up by their mother. 

Growing up in the same street but in reality worlds apart, Eden’s life is vastly different from the Swan brothers. She endures the unimaginable at the hands of Gabriel, her father – a Jehovah’s Witness elder. But no one believes her. Shunned by her community, she must go it alone. But can she survive being an outcast from all she’s ever known? With his beady eyes and deviant mind, Jordan Swan wants Eden for himself, but he goes too far….

My Thoughts

Holy Freaking Hell…..What a book!

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of Kerry Barnes and the last few books I have listened to on audio because I honestly hate my drive to work which is only 13 miles but can take me an hour and a half. Times that by two! So plenty of listening time with this story being 11 hours and 34 minutes long. I actually found myself enjoying, what was a terrible journey to work and back. I listened to this in just 4 days. I simply couldn’t get enough of it.

Annie is also one of my favourite narrators and when I started this it sounded like all her other books she has narrated. Purely because I am so familiar with her voice. But I was soon wrapped up in a story, where the characters come to life and I was taken on a roller coaster ride following Eden in a dark and warped story. This just shows it is all about the story and Annie can do justice with any book.

The last book of Kerry’s I listened to and found myself laughing out loud. This one pulled at my heart strings and brought tears to my eyes with the terror. It made me gasp and I literally stopped and said OH GOD! lucky for me I was walking at this point, I would of probably crashed my car haha.

Kerry is a natural born writer making you feel the emotion and tension throughout the story. Outcast is a very addictive and emotional read full of twists and turns. It is now my new favourite by her. I loved the characters, even the evil ones! I cannot begin to tell you how good this this book is. It is so, so brilliant and will throw you sideways.

This book deserves 10 gold stars. It has totally blown me away.

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