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I am delighted to share an awesome guest post with you today on my stop on Maltese Steel Blog Tour by Stuart Field

The Book

A woman is found dead on the island of Gozo. The cops say she fell from the Azure Window tourist spot, but her father thinks otherwise.

CIA Section Chief Foster needs help to prove it was murder, so he turns to the only person he knows can get the job done: John Steel.

The Hive, securely seated under the US Embassy on the island of Malta, is an operation that monitors all passage from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe and the US. A platform that requires the latest in technology and facial recognition.

In seven days, that software will be updated. In two days, all hell will break loose. And the clock is ticking for an attack on American soil.

Together with the beautiful Sammara Malk of Mossad, can Steel find out who killed Lucy – and stop whoever is behind the impending attack?

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Not a difficult choice: Make a thriller with or without action?

Who doesn’t like a book or movie with some action in it? Well, some prefer their thrillers to be more like Pirot or perhaps Holmes. Others prefer Bond or Bond. However, the choice to make a thriller full of action is one that the author must be comfortable with instead of just choosing that route, just because s/he feels that they must.

My John Steel thriller series is full of action. Why? Simply because that is the way those books should be. And yes, sometimes the action is over the top. But that is how these books are meant to be. People who enjoy these books, I believe, like them because they are full of action from the word go. I wrote these novels in the same spirit as Bond, Bourne, Man from U.N.C.L.E and Mission Impossible in mind. These are meant to be fun books. A story that takes you away from reality for a while.

Some people admittedly do not like these novels because they are unbelievable. But why should books be believable all of the time?

I believe novels, regardless of genre, are there for escapism. The reader what’s to go through that wardrobe door, go on the journey to Mordor, or simply be a spy going to Malta.

Thillers are simply that – thrilling. They take you to the edge of your seat until the last page.

John Steel is the son of an Earl who joined the army, recruited by the SAS and later his entire family murdered by mercenaries. After all this. Steel joins MI8 British secret service and goes on the hunt for the organisation that killed his family and been a general nuisance to the rest of the world.

Steel is what they call a very messed up individual. But readers like that.

They like it when the hero has a past and a darker side.

They need a protagonist who has a reason to get their butts out of bed in the morning.

I mean, who doesn’t.

Books that should be on your bookshelf.

Killing Floor – Lee Child.

Black Rose – Pete Adams

First Shot – John Ryder

Bones in the River – Zoe Sharp

Forever and a day – Athony Horowitz

These are just to name a few.

Author Bio

Stuart Field is a veteran who now works in security after serving twenty-two years in the British Army. As well as working full time he writes in his spare time. Stuart was born and raised in the West Midlands in the UK. His love for travel has been an inspiration in some of his work with his John Steel thriller series. As well as future John Steel novels, Stuart is working on a new series and standalone novels.

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