#Audio #BookReview #TheGoodNeighbour by R. J. Parker Narrated by Rose Robinson @Bookwalter @0neMoreChapter_

I am super excited to share my review with you today for The Good Neighbour by R.J Parker. Which is out today

The Book

He isn’t who you think he is…

When Leah Talbot crashes her car one night, she spots a light on in a nearby house and approaches, hoping that someone is home.

He is.

Charming, handsome, Martin Tate answers the door to the bedraggled and traumatised Leah, inviting her in. Though she’s not there for long, Leah feels an indescribable pull to the man who has helped in her hour of need.

But when she returns the next morning to say thank you, it isn’t Martin who answers the door this time. It’s the police.

There’s been a brutal murder and the female homeowner is lying dead in a pool of blood upstairs in bed.

There’s no sign of Martin…

Until he comes looking for Leah.

My Thoughts

With an OMG opening The Good Neighbour is sure to have you hooked from the start, it did me when Leah Talbot crashes her car and goes to a nearby house for help. Martin is happy to help her. When she goes round the next day to thank him she is greeted by the police. There is no sign of Martin and brutal murder. What unfolds is a gripping, addictive story that will keep you guessing until the end. 

This story has plenty of OMG moments and twists and turns. The narrator has done an awesome job of bringing the characters to life. This audio is only only 7 hours 4 minutes. I listened to it in no time at all. In fact It took me only a few days, once I started it, I found myself listening to it any moment I could. 

It is a face paced, creepy listen. I feel that the author is going back to his darker twisty side that I love. The Good Neighbour is a highly entertaining audio/story that I highly recommend.

I would like to thank One More Chapter for giving me the chance to listen to an early copy of this via Netgalley. All thoughts are my own and not biased in any way. 

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