#AudioReview The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen @Fab_fiction @HQstories

I am super excited to share my review with you today for The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen….Which is out now

The Book

Three little girls missing. One family torn apart…

Leah’s perfect marriage isn’t what it seems but the biggest lie of all is that she’s learned to live with what happened all those years ago. Marie drinks a bit too much to help her forget. And Carly has never forgiven herself for not keeping them safe.

Twenty years ago these three sisters were taken. What came after they disappeared was far worse. It should have brought them together, but how can a family ever recover?

Especially when not everyone is telling the truth . . .

My Thoughts

OMG I absolutely loved this audio. From the very first chapter I knew it was going to be good. Then by chapter 5 I thought it was amazing and was well and truly gripped! I listened to it in a couple of days. Every chance I had to listen to it I had it on and I sure as hell wasn’t disappointed.

I am a massive fan of the author and with everyone raving about this book I grabbed myself an audio copy. I cant see why now I have listened to it.

No sooner had I started it I was totally wowed by the opening. Now I am wowed by the whole story. It has to be said that this is my favourite by the author with it being her best book yet!

I love how the story alternates between the sisters and also now and then. Each chapter leaves you wanting more. The tension in this story is unreal, talk about keeping me on the edge of my seat. 

Totally loved the narrator who told this story wonderfully. I will be listening to more audios by her in the future.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Grab yourself a copy on the link below, you wont be disappointed.

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