#BookReview #DirtyTricks (Big Mo Series Book 1) by Dreda Say Mitchell @DredaMBE

I am delighted to share my review with you today for Dirty Tricks by Dreda Say Mitchell

My Thoughts


Mo Watson is caught in the crossfire of a vicious gangland war.
She’ll need every dirty trick in the book to survive.

Pint-sized teenage tearaway,Maureen ‘Big Mo’ Watson, creates mayhem running her own street gang. Her dad is long gone and she won’t listen to the pleas of her mum and granddad. When she’s talent-spotted by local villain Barker, Mo jumps at the chance to start climbing the criminal underworld ladder.

Then a vicious and violent East End gangland war to the finish breaks out between Mo’s boss, Barker and fearsome gangster, Jimmy Southpaw, the head of the notorious Steele family. Mo is soon in the thick of this brutal struggle.

But why are Barker and Jimmy really fighting?
And will Mo live long enough to find out?

My Thoughts

Dirty tricks is the first book that I have read this year.

Dreda is back with another new series. I love all of her books especially the blood series with it being my favourite. I always feel a little nervous when I start a new series by an author I have read for years and love. But I had nothing to worry about. With a brilliant opening this book is a fantastic start to what is set to be a another awesome series.

It is filled with strong characters some you will love and some you will hate! But that’s the whole idea of the gangland genre. I absolutely loved Mo and getting to know her.

This is a gritty, fast paced, page turner that I couldn’t put down. Now I am left waiting for the next book.

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