Tangled Lives by Stephanie Harte #Review @StephanieHarte3 @Aria_Fiction

Alfie doesn’t forget… and he certainly doesn’t forgive. Can Nathan and Gemma’s marriage survive the mob boss’s return?

Nathan has tried to be a changed man for Gemma after they escaped gangster Alfie’s clutches, but it doesn’t take long for him to give into temptation… and now Alfie’s back to get what’s his.

Alfie doesn’t like losing. The gangster has been biding his time ever since Nathan and Gemma escaped his clutches, but he’s determined to collect his debt now. It helps that he knows about Gemma’s big secret…

Gemma’s been hiding something life-changing from her husband while they’ve been on the run. But now Alfie’s back in town, her lies could cost her Nathan… and her son.

My Thoughts

Tangled Lives is the second book in the Risking It All series. After loving the first one so much I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one.

I have to admit that this one is totally different in comparison to Risking It All. It focuses on the relationships between Nathan, Gemma and good old Alfie! I love him I do.

This story is more tuned into the characters feelings when we follow a story that is full of lies and deceit. When some shocking twists spring to life. I was totally gripped wanting to know what was going to happen next. Once again the author leaves me hanging for the next book!

For me I would of preferred more action and grit like in the first book. I have my fingers crossed that this is the build up to the finale. Which I cannot wait for.

This book/series is perfect for fans of Martina Cole, Kimberly Chambers and Dreda Say Mitchell.

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