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I am super excited to share my review on publication day for Deadly Cry by Angela Marsons

You have to stop me from hurting anyone else. I don’t want to do these horrible things. Help me before I’m forced to do it again. And I will do it again because I have no choice. I’ve never had a choice.

In a busy shopping centre, a little girl clutches a teddy bear, clinging to it in the absence of her mother, Katrina. Hours later, Katrina’s body is discovered in an abandoned building. For Detective Kim Stone, it looks like a quick, functional kill. But Kim’s instincts tell her there’s more to this senseless murder than meets the eye. What was the motive for killing a young mother out shopping with her child?

Days later, a second victim is found in a local park, her neck broken just like Katrina’s and her six-year-old son missing.

With her colleague, Detective Stacey Wood, working on another unsolved crime and a member of the team grieving the loss of a close relative, Kim is struggling to make inroads on what is fast becoming a complex case. And when a handwritten letter from the killer lands on Kim’s desk addressed to her, and pleading for help, she knows time is running out to bring the little boy home alive.

With the support of a handwriting analyst and profiler, Kim and the team begin to get inside the mind of the killer and make a shocking discovery.

Some of the victims have scratch marks on their wrists.

But these are no random scratches. The killer is using them to communicate with someone. The question is… with whom?

And if Kim doesn’t find them soon, another innocent soul will die.

The multi-million-copy bestselling Detective Kim Stone series is every bit as addictive, original and exciting as readers say and you’ll be hooked from the very first page. Nobody does it better than the Queen of Crime, Angela Marsons.

My Thoughts

Deadly Cry is the 13th book in the Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller series. I am blown away by how this series never gets dull it simply gets better and better each one I read. I honestly dont know how the author does it. When I struggle to find the words for each review. 13 books and 13 reviews….What can I say other than Angela is one very talented author.

Those of you that know me know that I am from the Black Country. The heart of where this series is set. Each place we visit I know which makes it even more exciting and easy to visualise. For anyone that doesn’t know the area, Angela’s descriptions are spot on and I love how a little bit of history is added into the mix.

Not forgetting another excellent plot that will keep you totally engrossed from start to finish. With plenty of twists and turns that are woven in with character development. Which is outstanding, I am loving how we get to know them more with each book. I bloody love Kim Stone and Stacey, if you didn’t already know.

This is a series to good not to miss! and now I am left waiting for next book. Did I mention that I love, love, love this book and cannot recommend it enough.

Thank you to Kim Nash at Bookouture for a copy and for inviting me to take part on this tour.

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To listen to a sample: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/bookouture/deadly-cry-by-angela-marsons-narrated-by-jan-cramer

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