#Review Voice Of Reason by Kerry Barnes @KerryBarnes1

I am super excited to share my review with you today for Voice of Reason by Kerry Barnes which is out now.

The Book

When Dionne married a nightclub owner, Luke Mason, a whisper in her ear told her she would have it all – the money, the house, and the luxury lifestyle. But she never expected her life to turn upside down the day they became parents to twins.
After a Mason family member is murdered, a psychiatrist is asked to assist with the investigation.
Dr Renee, a research psychiatrist, has spent her life’s work studying the existence of the ‘Gemini Gene’ – a gene believed to exist in a few high-functioning psychopaths.
Little does she know that she is not alone in her quest. In the shadows lurks someone who also has a special interest in the gene. However, the trial that they are conducting is so much more sinister.
Will Dr Renee discover if the Gemini Gene really does exist or will it be the voice of reason who has
the answers?

My Thoughts

Wow fecking wow! Where the hell do I start…

I have read all of Kerry’s books she is up there in my favourite authors and is know for writing gangland or grit lit has I call it. This book came has a surprise because I went into it not reading the blurb like I do!

Kerry has such an incredible talent, making the characters jump out of the pages and bringing them to life. You can live and breathe their emotions. But this book is something rather special. With a unique complex story. I was totally hooked. All my plans went out the window when I sat down to read just one chapter. Which started off has with an electrifying prologue. Then moved onto something I wasn’t expecting…..a psychological thriller!

Then the more I read the more I wanted to know. It is a very twisty, dark story which I couldn’t put down. I read this in two sittings and it is quite a beefy read. But without a doubt worth it. Full of characters that you will love and hate. One in particular I didn’t take to, who I grew to really like!

This is what a psychological thriller is all about. It will most definitely play with your mind. By that I mean mess with your head! It is a very clever story that keeps you on the edge of your seat has the story unfolds. Building up the tension and suspense along with plenty of character build up.

Just when you think you have it all worked out….BOOM there is one bad ass twist thrown in the mix. Where I found myself screaming OMFG at my kindle. And it doesn’t end there either…Did I mention the ending?! OMG….wowsers!

This is one immense read which totally blew my mind. Making this my favourite book of Kerry’s! And one of my favourite psychological thrillers. I cannot recommend it enough giving it all the stars.

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