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Keith Wright joins me today to take part in my Getting to Know the Character Interview on Fair means Foul Blog Tour

The Book

The man sitting at the wheel of the car was 100 yards from his moment of destiny. He was oblivious to it, of course. Murderers don’t necessarily realise they are killers until a few seconds before it happens. Murderers are sometimes just like you and me. He would never have dreamed that such a thing might happen. Ridiculous. If anyone had told him that today was the day he would turn into a killer, he would have looked at them quizzically; questioning their sanity; instead of questioning his own.
The murder investigation into the death of a young girl at Nottingham’s Goose Fair throws up several suspects, close to home and further away. The stream of inquiries spirals into a climax, and suddenly another young life hangs in the balance.
Detective Inspector Stark and his team prepare to do anything to stop further bloodshed. They are willing to use any means necessary, whether it be fair means or foul.
In his fourth crime thriller, critically acclaimed author, Keith Wright, once again regales the stark reality of murder, derived from his hands-on experience as a CID detective sergeant working in an inner-city area.  


Can you describe your character?

He is a man in his early forties, handsome and a family man. He is a passionate man and cares for those who are victims of crime. He is streetwise and can shed the shell of family man to deal with hard core criminals when required. He is suffering from anxiety but he is unaware that this is the cause of his unease when briefing large numbers of detectives. Anxiety wasn’t so much of a thing in the 1980’s. He has no qualms in wrestling knife wielding criminals but speaking to large crowds starts him sweating.

What is his job role and where does he work?

He is a Detective Inspector and works at Nottingham CID, dealing with major crime and homicide. He has a team of detectives who feature highly in the crime thrillers to a greater or lesser extent in each novel. This group of disparate people are typical of a CID office in the 1980’s – the old sweat constantly complaining / the young poseur / the quiet vegan / the promiscuous detective policewoman / the rough-arsed detective / the newbie mixed-race female detective / The wise old owl.

Where did the original idea of him come about?

I guess, this one is pretty obvious in that it is from my time working as a detective, but also my love of crime novels by American writer Ed McBain. The two became entwined.

What makes him original?

Authenticity, dark humour, dealing with anxiety and other issues in the 1980’s, conflict, not sanitised, observation of the public, accurate police procedures and police behaviours of the time.

What makes him tick?

He is very family orientated and he feels the needs of victims acutely but not to the distraction of everything else. He likes catching bad guys who think they can’t be caught.

What is his biggest fear?

Their anxiety being discovered by others. He thinks this would lose him his job or his role as a Det Inspector. He is probably right. Yet he knows he needs to get help. He just hasn’t figured out how to do this without both acknowledging he has a problem and being discovered.

If you and your character met in real life, do you think you’d get on?

I have no doubt we would get on. There is quite a lot of me in the main character and he is generally an affable person, unless he feels bad done to.

Who would you like to see play him if your books were made into a film?

I would be happy for an newcomer to take the role, but if the Fairy Godmother had her wand ready I think Gerard Butler would be a perfect fit.

How many books do you have in the series so far?

I have four books published so far. Although a series, in that the detective characters remain the same; they can be read independently as ‘stand-alone’s.’

They are: 

‘One Oblique One.’ The phrase for the police code-word for sudden death. DI Stark and his team attend a one-oblique-one and discover the Marriott family murdered in their own homes.

‘Trace and Eliminate.’ Two people are murdered. It turns out they were college friends. 6 of the friends remain. One is the killer. One the next to die.

‘Addressed To Kill.’ A psychopathic rapist and killer, taunts his victims before attacking. His condition deteriorates and the clock is ticking as the killer shines a light on Stark’s own loved ones.

‘Fair Means Or Foul.’ The team discover a child killed at Goose Fair. With no sexual motive it makes no sense. Who would want to kill her? Why? As the list of suspects narrows, a second life hangs in the balance. They would have to use air means or foul to save her.

What’s in store for him next?

I don’t know yet! I am about to start the fifth book. After the launch of Fair Means Or Foul, I have been working on narrating my second book for Audible – ‘Trace and Eliminate.’

I have some ideas for plots which are forming in clouds above my head, some character arcs will tell me what to do once I start doing the skeleton, which is imminent. Characters tend to look after themselves and create sub-plots. 

I intend publishing a contemporary anthology of crime short stores this year also. Most of the stories are already written, they just need a tickle.

I may also be collaborating in an anthology of ‘particular’ writers but that is in the planning stage, I know nothing other than the kind invite to participate.

I am working on another little secret project which will probably go into next year, but it is a departure from what I usually do. There is no chance of Stark and the gang going anywhere, I intend to write many more books with them.

Author Bio:

Keith Wright is the Author of the crime novels in the ‘Inspector Stark series’ available on Amazon, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited|Audiobook on Audible and iTunes.

Visit website: Keithwrightauthor.co.uk

Follow on twitter: @keithwwright

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