Getting to Know the Character #Interview with Detectives Terry Watson & Keith Monteith @TonyMillington9 @BNBSbooks

I am delighted to welcome Tony Millington to take part in my Getting to Know the Character interview today

Can you describe your characters?

Like a double act. Terry being the straight man and Keith the comedian (or so he thinks!)

What is their job role and where do they work?

The West Ravenswood Police set up The Criminal Detective Agency five years ago. Terry and Keith were two of the first Detective Sergeants taken on by the DCI Kenneth Crompton.

Where did the original idea of them come about?

When I was beginning to write Unsilent Grief, I was working in an office. There were two lovely ladies who were friends both in and out of the office, with the surnames Watson and Monteith. I used their friendship as a basis for Terry and Keith, as well as their surnames.

What makes them original?

Terry and Keith have been friends from school. They went through the Police Academy together. Best man at each other’s wedding. 

What makes them tick?

Terry is like a dog with a bone. If he thinks there is more behind what he had been told, then he goes the extra mile to find the truth. Thoughtful and meticulous in his work. Thinks of his colleagues before himself.

Keith for all his deficiencies (gambling being one) is working on being a better detective. He is abrasive, testing the boundaries when he can. And finds the funny side in most things.

What is their biggest fear?

Anything happening to each other or their families. 

If you and your character met in real life, do you think you’d get on?


Who would you like to see play them if your books were made into a film or TV show?

I have wondered about this since writing Unsilent Grief in 2017 and I still can’t decide. I will leave that up to the readers.

How many books do you have in the series so far?

Unsilent Grief – A different type of serial killer strikes West Ravenswood. The CDA try and work out why and what’s the story behind the killings.

Friends Close Enemies Closer – The CDA try to take down the biggest crooks in West Ravenswood, The Russell brothers. But not without sacrifices. 

A female jogger goes missing while on a run and another is found buried in concrete.

What is contained in that envelope?

The third, Battle lines is pencilled in for publication around June this year.

What’s in store for them next?

A car is found burning on farmland with a body in the boot.

A long standing turf war comes to a head on one of the West Ravenswood estates. 

About the Author

Tony was born in Warrington Cheshire in 1967, but moved to Rutland in 1981 with his family.
Attending Uppingham Community College, Rutland sixth form and later attending Stamford College.
He has done various jobs, including a lifeguard, white van man, and temp work but working at RAF Wyton as a civil servant for the MOD for many years was his most loved career sadly ending in redundancy due to all the cuts to the civil service.

He lives in Peterborough Cambridgeshire, married with one son and two nutty cats.His first book Unsilent Grief was published in 2018, and the second Friends Close Enemies Closer followed at the end of last year.The third Battle lines is due to be published this year.

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