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Back in Dec 2015 I wrote a review for the first three books in the Kim Stone series. Today I am delighted to share that very review again, to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Silent Scream and it’s new cover.

Silent Scream, the first in the D.I. Kim Stone detective series by Angela Marsons, has sold one million copies since it was published in 2015.

The series has been translated into 26 different languages worldwide, hitting the Kindle UK number one spot four times and selling close to three million copies around the world.

My Thoughts

First of all I have to say a big shout out that there is a new local author in town!! Having seen an advert for a new Black country crime author I was very excited to get cracking with Silent Scream, then before I know it Evil Minds is released and then Lost Girls. Angela Marsons has been busy this year. And kept me thoroughly entertained. So I thought I would review them as a whole.

Being a lass from the Black country I love the fact that I know most the places in the books. I am thinking Crestwood is named after a school and Holly tree is named after Holly Hall so I am probably the playing the guessing game more than other readers. Which adds more enjoyment. Love the mention of the Burger boys and the Johnsons in Lost Girls to. And Brummies are defiantly not the Black Country. You would not believe how many times I say that to people.

Angela’s books just get better every time, they are gripping fast paced and take you on a rollercoaster journey leaving you wanting more. With all three books I was draw in at the beginning until the end. I love the use of short chapters and them beginning an easy read. The descriptions are to the point and not overly described. But described enough to make this series very believable. Angela also shows sensitivity in the writing with the subject matters. You can feel the emotion as you turn the pages. These books are extremely well written and full of twists and turns.

Its nice to see Kim’s character develop through her personality which is show more in The lost Girls. I am intrigued to know if there will be any developments with Kim and Bryant?! I love there relationship it as the perfect balance.

I highly recommend the Kim Stone series you will not be disappointed and I am giving all three a massive 5 stars. Now I am left eagerly awaiting the forth Kim Stone story.

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