The Silence of Severance by Wes Markin @MarkinWes #BookReview #SickoAuthor

I am super excited to share my review with you today for The Silence of Severance

Your wedding day should be the most unforgettable day of your life. And this is one wedding that will never be forgotten.

When a police officer’s wedding day ends in brutality and chaos, DCI Michael Yorke is pulled away from his own wedding and into the bloodiest chain of events Wiltshire has ever seen.

As a heatwave tightens its grip on Salisbury, Yorke and his team face a race against time to find the most sinister and intelligent adversary they have ever faced. Christian Severance. But as the team chase Severance into the shadows of a dark past, Yorke’s own history starts to drag itself into the present. 

Can they stop Christian Severance before he achieves the unthinkable? And will Yorke survive the revelations that claw at him from the darkness?

My Thoughts

Well blow me down, I cannot believe I was actually thinking about missing this book out and jumping straight into book four ( which I have an ARC of) That would of been a terrible mistake because this series just got a whole a lot better! and the #SICKOAUTHOR award of 2020 goes to Wes Markin.

So this is book three in the DCI Yorke series and if you like your books dark then you are in for a treat. This book is jammed packed with dark tortuous moments what will make your toes curl and give you plenty of OMG moments. I always say the darker the better and this book is just that. So dont say I didn’t warn you. This book is not for the faint hearted that’s for sure.

I love the fact that this story is so sick and twisted, but I also love how the author has the woven the case into Yorkes personal life when he gets dragged away from his wedding with some nail biting events. We really get to know Yorke in this installment. A character which I have grown to adore after reading this.

There is also plenty of police procedure scenes that made me feel right there in the story. Not forgetting the ending which I also loved. But if you haven’t guessed. I loved everything about this book and I really can’t wait to read book four.

If you haven’t read any Wes Markin’s books yet I cannot recommend them enough. This one is my favourite so far which is without a doubt a 5 star read.

Check out the series on the link below

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