The Hunger Within by J.M. Hewitt #AudioReview @jmhewitt @Endeavour_Media

Lives and hearts turned upside down…

This is Northern Ireland in the 1980s, and the Troubles are tearing apart the country. Neighbour turns on neighbour as the Catholic/Protestant divide rages on. In Maze Prison, a group of men start a hunger strike, wanting to be recognised as political prisoners, while on the outside, personal lives are also caught up in the turmoil…

When Bronwyn and Danny married, she had high hopes for their future. Now, they barely speak and Danny keeps such strange hours. When Bronwyn learns Danny is involved in a shooting, she calls the police and he’s sent off to the Maze, where he joins the hunger strikes.

Meanwhile Rose James is not a pretty girl, nor is she strong. But she’s risking everything to date Connor Dean, a Protestant. When Connor is shot, Rose’s world threatens to tear apart. With nowhere to go, she moves in with Connor’s mother, Mary, a formidable woman who also lost Connor’s father to The Troubles. But it’s not long before Mary sets out to get rid of Rose, travelling to The Maze to enlist Danny’s help…

Set against the backdrop of The Troubles, The Hunger Within is rich with history, pathos and the unique pride that comes with surviving in a dark and hostile time. 

My Thoughts

This is the first book that I have by J.M. Hewitt or should I say listened to, this is a rather short audio compared to what I normally listen to with only 6 hours 39 minutes. So I go to listen this in two parts.

The story is set 1981 when the hunger went on in Ireland this is something that I knew nothing about so i loved the fact that I learnt something from this story. But this story is like nothing I have read before so I found it rather unique.

Hunger Within is a well crafted atmospheric story about Rose and her involvement with protestant Connor. I found this a captivating Gripping read. and cannot help but feel for the characters.

The Narrator has done a wonderful job with this story i loved the accent she used making it feel so real.

This is the first book that I have read by the author and certainly won’t be my last.

I would to thank the J.W Hewitt for this audio all opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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