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I am delighted to share an extract from Simon Says with you today on Blog Tour which I hope you enjoy

The Book

Her life may not be perfect but she’s happy. Until she makes a terrible decision – and learns the hard way that home is not a place of refuge.

Not while Simon lurks in every shadow.

He groomed her as a teen: terrorised her into fleeing, leaving her baby behind. Now the man who destroyed her childhood has become the perfect father to her teenage daughter. And her return threatens his future.

A desperate man is a dangerous one.

Simon says she must leave or suffer the consequences. She refuses.

Now it’s his move. Because it’s not enough to face your demons.

Sometimes, you must destroy them.


“After you left, I wondered if there was more to the story. Why would a mother, even a young one, leave her child behind and with….”

‘Them’, she wanted to say, but couldn’t.

As she picked at the tissue and ragged pieces littered the polished table, Mrs Hamilton finally became Marion. Flawed but real. She’d dabbed her foundation from beneath her eyes to reveal a bed of matt grey skin. She looked old. A side effect of years spent alone bringing up a child in a world she didn’t fit. Mum had belonged but hadn’t fared much better. Would years of smoking, drinking and looking after me have caused her stroke?


Her shadow hovered as if she were standing beside me, her hair pulled up into a tight ponytail, her eyebrows arched upwards. ‘You lying again, Cindy?’ She put a cigarette to her mouth and, with a sneer on her lips, she blew a long plume of smoke.

I shuddered.

“Would you like a cup of tea?” Still clutching the ribbon of tissue, Marion pushed herself to her feet. “I expect Ralph will be back with the children soon.”

Something outside caught her attention and she hesitated, craning her neck past the Christmas tree to look to the right of the window, into the road. All I could see was a balding man who sauntered past, a newspaper tucked beneath his arm, his lips shaped as if he was whistling. He disappeared, leaving a view of parked cars beyond the crimson and green poinsettia on the windowsill.

But then I realised Marion and Troy weren’t looking in his direction. Troy frowned.

“Oh dear,” Marion said. “I think the news is out.”

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Author Bio –

SIMON SAYS isn’t my first thriller. Several unpublished novels went before it, but there was something about this story that made me come back to it time-and-time again. Although it was written in 2015, recently a few author friends encouraged me to publish it as they remembered reading it years before.

I used to work in an office where the wider team comprised people working with drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and general community safety. I wrote SIMON SAYS during this period and my team provided information and advice. Also, the Red Watch team at the local fire station read my first chapter during their tea break and advised on a couple of points to make it more accurate (I thought it would be one person, not the whole team reading it!).

Currently, I am completing a novel in another genre but I really enjoy writing thrillers, so I am planning my next one.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/JoWwriter

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