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Today is my stop on The Chronicles Of The Pale Blog Tour and I am delighted to share not only a fantastic giveaway but Clare Rhoden joins me for a Q & A interview for book 3. The Ruined Land

The Pale – Chronicles of the Pale #1

The Outside can be a dangerous place.

But so can the inside.

It’s been years since the original cataclysm, but life has been structured, peaceful, and most of all uneventful in the Pale. The humachine citizens welcome the order provided by their ruler, the baleful Regent.

However, when one of their own rescues a human boy, Hector, from ravenous ferals on the Outside, their careful systems are turned upside down.

As Hector grows more and more human-strange, the citizens of the Pale grow uneasy.

What will happen when the Outside tries to get in?

Purchase Link –


Broad Plain Darkening – Chronicles of the Pale #2

The safe world of the Pale is under threat.

Inside the policosmos, the new Regent Adaeze strives for dominance over the all-powerful Senior Forecaster, but the Pale’s humachine citizens are unaware that their city is close to collapse.

Outside on Broad Plain, the exiled human Hector undertakes a dangerous trek to find a safe haven for the orphaned twins.

How can anyone survive as their world shifts underneath them?


The Ruined Land – Chronicles of the Pale #3

Exiled from the Pale, humachine Hector has found a home with the tribes Outside.

Or has he?

While the canini struggle to care for the human twins, Feather travels Broad Plain to reunite them with their father. But his own family is scattered as the Pale sends out its terrifying army and the land itself buckles beneath them.

Can anyone survive the ruination of the land?

In this gripping conclusion to the Chronicles of the Pale, the citizens of the mighty Pale have as much to lose as the communities of the Outside.

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Q&A with Clare Rhoden

Chronicles of the Pale 3: The Ruined Land

What is The Ruined Land about?

The Ruined Land is the third book in my series about survival, compassion and interspecies relationships after the Great Conflagration. 

In fewer words, it’s about love and hope in dark times.

What was the inspiration for your novel? 

I was inspired by a dream! In the dream – or nightmare I should say – I was stuck inside a wire compound and there was a crying baby outside. The authorities wouldn’t let us go out to save the infant, but the spirit-ghost of my long-lost German Shepherd Dog came down from the hills and took the baby to safety. This was in 2014 when the world refugee crisis was in its early days. I probably should also explain that I have no children myself (despite years of trying) and that I often dream of babies that I can’t save. ☹

Who are your favourite characters in The Ruined Land?

I’m deeply in love with the canini, who are the intelligent wolf-dogs in this world. They were previously genetically modified, so that their dew claws have become useful thumb-like digits, and they can mindspeak with gifted humans. Mashtuk is my favourite. 

Of the humans, I wouldn’t mind having dinner with gorgeous Feather of the Storm, anytime. For conversation, I’d love to meet Valkirra Adelriksdottir, sometime Chief of the Settlement. I’m told we have a lot in common, and I do love the way she takes control.

Plus I confess to a guilty admiration for Jaxon, the Pale’s scheming Senior Forecaster. He’s so bad that he’s actually really energising to write.

What scene was the hardest to write? Why?

Ugh, so many. I am an incurable optimist, but for some reason, I write quite sad stories. Bad events happen in the Chronicles of the Pale because that world is a mirror of our world. The hardest scenes were the strikebeast attack on the equii of the Ravine, and the collapse of the river bank as the settlers tried to find safety. It sounds crazy, but I often cry when I’m writing sad scenes.

But the scene I kept postponing was the discussion between Feather and his long-lost father Helm. Family dynamics, abandonment, betrayal, understanding, forgiveness, love. Eek. I was able to avoid that scene in book 2 (Broad Plain Darkening), which my beta reader was very cross about. So I just had to be brave and write the scene in The Ruined Land.

The Ruined Land happens in a very detailed world. Is it inspired by any real world sites?

When I first started writing this series, I had a hazy notion of using inland Australia, where I have travelled extensively, as the background world. There, you see such grand landscapes, reminiscent of a vanished world, hiding fossils from a long-dead ocean, inhabited by creatures you won’t find anywhere else. 

Then just before I finished the first draft of The Ruined Land, I visited the Breakaways in outback South Australia for the first time.

I stared around open-mouthed. The landscape of the Pale series existed!

[Breakaways graphic]

What’s next for you?

I have a couple of manuscripts sitting with diverse publishers at the moment. Because I write what I feel is the next story, instead of sticking to one genre, I think different pieces of my work will suit different people. My Work-In-Progress, though – what I’m writing as we speak – is a cosy mystery. Kind of cosy, though it seems to be getting darker. I will find out when the characters let me know what happens in the end!

Thank you so much for having me on your blog.

Giveaway to Win Signed Copies of all three Chronicles of the Pale books & wolf-dog toy made by Borchetta Plush Toys of Australia (Open INT)

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Clare’s bio:

Clare Rhoden completed her PhD in Australian WWI literature at the University of Melbourne in 2011, and a Masters of Creative Writing in 2008, in which she investigated the history of her grandparents who emigrated from Europe to Port Adelaide in January 1914. The Stars in the Night is the result of her research.

Clare also writes sci-fi and fantasy (check her titles at Odyssey Books ​​). 

Clare lives in Melbourne Australia with her husband Bill, their super-intelligent poodle-cross Aeryn, a huge and charming parliament of visiting magpies, and a very demanding/addictive garden space.

Clare’s Links:




Instagram: @clarerhodenauthor

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