Now You See Her by Heidi Parks #MiniReview @HeidiPerksBooks @arrowpublishing

Charlotte is looking after her best friend’s daughter the day she disappears. She thought the little girl was playing with her own children. She swears she only took her eyes off them for a second.

Now, Charlotte must do the unthinkable: tell her best friend Harriet that her only child is missing. The child she was meant to be watching.

Devastated, Harriet can no longer bear to see Charlotte. No one could expect her to trust her friend again.
Only now she needs to. Because two weeks later Harriet and Charlotte are both being questioned separately by the police. And secrets are about to surface.

Someone is hiding the truth about what really happened to Alice. 

My Thoughts

Imagine looking after your best friends daughter, then having to tell her that she has gone missing. Well this is exactly what happens to Charlotte in Now You See Her. When we follow Charlotte and Harriet on a journey about friendship and deceit.

This is the second book that I have read by the author so I am familiar with the style of writing. Which I absolutely adore. Grabbing my attention from the start.

The story is told from both the characters point of view with before and after time frames. Which are skillfully woven together when we find out what the truth is.

This is a gripping read that will keep you guessing until the end. Which I highly recommend.

I would like to thank arrow publishers for a copy

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