Dark Secrets (A Detective Joe Stone Novel Book 3) by Jack Steele #BlogTour @JackSteele1961

I am thrilled to share my review with you today on Day two of Dark Secrets by Jack Steele Blog Tour

Detective Joe Stone is battling personal issues alongside a promotion which he feels unready to fulfil. When a psychopath escapes from Broadmoor and starts abducting the team under his command he is under increasing pressure. Can Joe hold his nerve as events lead to a tragic finale?

My Thoughts

It has been three years since I first read the first Joe Stone novel and now I am sitting here writing my last review for it, having heard it is the last book in the series! Which I really hope that isn’t the case. Joe Stone is a character that I know and love and in this story we get to know him that little bit more when he had some personal issues going on.

Which is author has weaved into the story along side a case where a psychopath has escaped from prison. Not just any psychopath this is someone that Joe and his team have past experience with. So he is out for revenge and starts abducting the team!

The author has once again well and truly nailed it and brings us another nail biting, action packed, gritty read. With short and snappy chapters each one leaves you wanting more! With plenty of OMG moments that will keep you on the edge of your edge.

Oh and not forgetting that I am a character in this story again! I was well and truly over the moon to find out that I was in the second book Long Shot has a reporter. So can you imagine my excitement when I found out that the author continued with this through to the third story where my character has been developed and I have gone up in the world. Which I am not saying anymore about because I don’t want to give to much away.

But I do have to say a big massive thank you to Jack for writing me into this amazing series……Thank you once again.

I loved everything about this story and OMG that ending….The moment I found myself saying awww no way! it was brilliant. I really do hope that this isn’t the last we see of Joe this is a brilliant and well written series that I highly recommend.

Thank you to the author for a copy and for inviting me to take part on this tour.

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