The Funeral by Desmond P. Ryan #CoverReveal

I am delighted to share the cover for The Funeral By Desmond P. Ryan with you today which is out on the 3rd December….you guys are going to love it because I certainly do. But first of all lets get to know the author.

Desmond P. Ryan – Author Bio

    For almost thirty years, I worked the back alleys, poorly-lit laneways, and forgotten neighbourhoods in the city where I grew up. Everyday of my working life began with either a victim waiting in a hospital emergency room to report a violent crime, or a call from a bystander, witness, or sometimes even the perpetrator to a street corner or a ransacked, often blood-soaked room where someone had been left for

dead. Murder, assaults on a level that defied humanity, sexual violations intended to demean, shame, and haunt the individuals who were no more than objects to the offenders: all in a day’s work. It was exhilarating, exhausting, and often heartbreaking.
    As a Detective with the Toronto Police Service, I wrote thousands of reports detailing the people, places, and events that led up to the moment I came along. I investigated the crimes and wrote synopses for guilty pleas detailing the circumstances that brought the accused individuals before the Courts. I also wrote a number of files to have individuals deemed either Not Criminally Responsible due to mental incapacity, or Dangerous Offenders to be held in custody indefinitely.        
    Now, as a retired investigator with three decades of research opportunities under my belt, I write crime fiction.

The moment you have been waiting for……The cover

Gorgeous isn’t it? I freaking love it
The Book

Amore mio, Mikey,” Julia whispered. “He’s dead.”

A cop is shot. A mother loses her son. A city is in mourning.

What does that look like from the inside?

The Funeral, a stand-alone novella or the epilogue to 10-33 Assist PC, brings us into the intimate world of those most closely affected in the days following the loss of one of their own. Written by a Real Detective, The Funeral walks us through to the end of watch in this poignant finale to a heroic life cut short in the line of duty.

Real Detective. Real Crime. Fiction.

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