The Hangman’s Hold by Michael Wood #BlogTour

I am delighted to share my 5 star review for The Hangman’s Hold by Michael Wood with you on Blog Tour today

Your life is in his hands.
In the gripping new serial killer thriller from Michael Wood, Matilda Darke faces a vicious killer pursuing his own brand of lethal justice. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons and Helen Fields.
There’s a killer in your house.
The Hangman waits in the darkness.
He knows your darkest secrets.
He’ll make you pay for all the crimes you have tried desperately to forget.
And he is closer than you think.
DCI Matilda Darke is running out of time. Fear is spreading throughout the city. As the body count rises, Matilda is targeted and her most trusted colleagues fall under suspicion. But can she keep those closest to her from harm? Or is it already too late?
My Thoughts

The Hangman’s Hold is the Fourth book in the DCI Matilda Drake series and if you haven’t read any of this series I seriously think you should start. It is a series that is well and truly twisted and the author takes you to places to places that you have never been to before. But for me this is one of the reasons I love the series some much.

In this story with catch up with Matilda Drake in a much slower paced start to the story. Where I couldn’t help but think this book was very different to the previous three but low and behold the story takes an unexpected turn and I was like OMG where the hell did that come from then I found myself racing to the end to find out what was going to happen. You will not believe the twists and turns in this story just when I thought I had it all worked out BOOM another shocking twist.

What can I say but the suspense and tension build up in this story is out of this world. Now that I have read it I totally get the slower start which has plenty of character build up and you get you ready for another pulsating read which will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat.

Matilda is one of those characters that really jumps out of the pages to me and boy do we see her go through the mill with this twisted story. But she is determined when it comes to her job I always feel she is a unique character, someone that I can relate to.

This is one very clever, dark and well written story.  Just when I thought this series couldn’t get any better it did just that! It will blow your mind. I cannot recommend it enough giving it all the stars.

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