Getting to Know the Character with Dee Black #BloodSecrets #Interview

To celebrate the release of Blood Secrets Book 4: Flesh and Blood Dreda Say Mitchell I am super excited to share My getting to Know the Character interview (told from first person) with a few of the characters over the week. Incase you missed it you can check out Babs Miller interview here.

Getting to Know the Character interview with Dee Black (Babs’ eldest daughter)

Can you describe your character?
I’m a woman who likes to tell it to you straight even if that means using my fists, you get me? I’m badass, pure and simple. You don’t wanna muck around with me. I used to wear five rings on one hand so that if some out of order moron tried it on they’d get a fistful that really hurts. When it comes to kids I’ve got a heart of gold. I tell you what, if anyone abuses a kid I’d…Oh yeah, strict orders from Chelle was no cussing. I think you get the picture.

What is your job and where do you work?
I started out as head of security at John Black’s club in Soho – I told you I was badass. Just got my own club in the East End. In between, I was John’s wife, which involved a lot of lunching and pampering at our big drum in Essex. Now that’s what I call a proper job for a lady.

Where did the original idea for you come from?
Between us girls, I reckon there’s a little bit of Dreda in my make up. Obviously she’ll deny that but it’s there alright. Of course, she never ended lunching or pampering in Essex so I’m obviously a bit smarter than she is.

What makes you original?
You don’t get that many believable mixed race girls in these kinds of books. The story of what happened to me and my mum Babs when I was a baby is heartbreaking. I give Dreda this; she ain’t shy about writing about difficult subjects.  

What makes you tick?
Ambition. You’re not on earth long enough to settle for less than the best. Come on babes, you need to speed up the questions coz I’ve gotta get to the beauty salon to have my extensions done and do my nails.

What is your biggest fear?
Being broke.

If you and Dreda met in real life, do you think you’d get on?
I’m not sure babes. I agree with my mum Babs – Dreda’s a bit straight for my liking.

Who would you like to see play you if the books were turned into a film or TV show?
You’d be spoiled for choice. Young black actors aren’t exactly fully booked are they?

How many books do you have in the series so far?

What’s in store for you next?

Dunno. Dreda’s keeping it schtum.

About the Author

Born and bred on a council estate in the East End of London, Dreda has seen it all from the inside.
After a string of jobs as a waitress, chambermaid and catering assistant she realised her dream of
becoming a teacher. Her first book won the John Creasey Dagger Award. Dreda’s books are inspired
by the gritty, tough and criminal world she grew up in. She still lives in London’s East End.

Award-Winning Author, Broadcaster, Journalist, Campaigner.
The Reading Agency, Ambassador
SI Leeds Prize, Patron
The Guardian
Stephen Nolan Show, 5 Live
Front Row Late, BBC 2

Twitter: @DredaMitchell
Facebook: Dreda Say Mitchell

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