Standstill by J.A. Marley #Review

Standstill by J.A. Marley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG I am so excited that there is a new Grit Lit author in town!!! Those of you that follow my reviews will know that I am a massive fan of Grit Lit and this book is just that. Standstill is the author’s debut novel and what a corker it is. I still cannot believe it is a debut novel, talk about impressive..

Set in Criminal underworld of London we follow a game of cat and mouse.We all love a bad boy don’t we?! (speaking to the ladies that is) LOL we meet lovable rogue Danny Felix who I loved and I am sure a lot of you will too. Danny is forced into a robbery by the corrupt Detective Inspector Harkness….do I need to say anymore?!

So has you would expect Standstill is full of characters that you will love and hate…..A book always does it for me when you can feel the emotion and tension that the characters go through it brings the characters to life well this is definitely one of those books. I have to say the author’s writing skills are out of this world

It is a fast paced easy read which is extremely well written and full of action. It is one one hell of a gripping, gritty read which I read in one sitting. I simply couldn’t put it down.

This book has it all and ticked all the boxes for me I cannot wait to read more about Danny in the next book. J.A. Marley is definitely an author to look out for, I cannot recommend this book enough giving it 5 stars.


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