Beautiful Liar by Louise Mullins #Review

Beautiful Liar by Louise Mullins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG I absolutely love this book. I must admit this is the first book that I have read by Louise Mullins and definitely won’t be my last….where have I been.

Don’t you just love it went a book grabs you from the very first page?! Well I know I do and this book does just that. We follow the story of Joel who is killed in an accident. Then the author takes us on a pulse racing ride with a story that alternates between Joel and Erica painting a picture of their relationship before the accident leading up to his death. Leaving the reader asking…. What is Erica hiding? And was Joel’s death really an accident

Beauiful Liar is what I expected at all….Domestic Noir sprang to mind when I heard all about it but for me this an OMFG bite your nails psychological thriller. It is fall of twists and turns that will leave turning the pages and wanting more.

The tension build up is fantastic and the writing is very engaging with plenty of character build up along the way. I loved everything about it and cannot wait to read more by Louise

I cannot recommend this book enough giving it an easy 5 stars.


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