Shoeless Child by J.A. Schneider

Shoeless Child by J.A. Schneider
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shoeless Child is the fourth book in the Detective Kerri Blasco series….what a book it is too!

I am a massive fan of psychological thrillers and one thing I love about is how the author combines it with a detective. So this isn’t just your run of the mill crime detective series we get much more than that. It is beautifully written I couldn’t read it fast enough. With plenty of twists and turns is certainly kept me on tender hooks and guessing until the very end.

With brilliant descriptions right from the opening scene where we follow the story of a little boy named Charlie who witnesses an horrific murder but is too traumatized to speak. Can detective Kerri Blasco connect with with the child to help find out who the killer is?!

I loved the chapters that are told from the killers POV which are woven into this incredible original story I Cannot begin to tell you how engaging this story is. It can easily be read has a standalone but I would advise reading the series because it is to good to miss.

Kerri Blasco is a brilliant realistic character, for fans of the series we see plenty of character development with this storyline. Kerri and Alex make the perfect team,I cannot wait to see what is in store for them next.

If you are looking for something gripping and full of suspense then this is the book for you. Which I highly recommend giving it 4 stars.

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