Murder Game by Caroline Mitchell

Murder Game by Caroline Mitchell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Those of you that follow my blog will know that I am a massive fan of Caroline Mitchell, especially the Ruby Preston series. So I couldn’t wait to get stuck into Murder game, the third Book in the series. Has always Caroline doesn’t disappoint with this gripping page turner. Which I devoured in one afternoon.

We follow the story a serial killer who plays a terrifying game of life and death with his victims and Detective Ruby Preston must play the game before more woman die. Lonely heart killer Mason Gatley is behind bars for the exact same thing and has been for ten years. Bad boy Nathan Crosby gets involved to set up a meeting. But her team become worried the closer Ruby gets to the dark and charming Mason. The big question is he really helping Ruby or is he lining her up to be his next victim?

Wowsers this book is full of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and will seriously having you guessing until the very end. Once again I freaking loved it. And I really do hope there is more to come from Ruby.

In this story we get to know more of her personal life and family which I found rather unique, it’s not everyday I read a detective book and the main character has a daughter. I guess this is why I love Ruby so much she isn’t just a Detective she is a person who has feelings and personality and is show throughout all of series. With plots that involve Nathan….boy do I love him. With his criminal connections he is a useful source to her. Ruby certainly lives life on the edge having Nathan in her life. Making this one hell of a gritty read.

I am a massive fan of gangland, so Detective with grit lit is a perfect combination for me. Which I cannot recommend enough Giving it 4 massive stars.

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