The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn Publication post #GuestReviewer

The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn is a charity (all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research) project curated by Ryan Bracha. Which is out today and I am super excited to welcome guest reviewer Mark Wilson to my blog to share his thoughts and tell us all about it. You can grab your copy on the link below.

Thirteen ways to remember the dead. Thirteen histories of a loving husband.

Betty Peppercorn is burning her husband Frank today. Well, she’s burning her property. The corpse she was left with as a reward for loving somebody for better or worse. Frank exists only in her thoughts, anymore.

To her knowledge, Frank had no friends. Betty’s not even sure he existed before they met. It comes as a major surprise, then, when several strange faces appear at the funeral, each of them bringing their own stories of what Frank meant to them.

As the day goes on, it becomes increasingly apparent that Frank was not the man she thought he was.

Thirteen new and established writers collide in this brand new novel-of-stories project from Ryan Bracha, the brains behind Twelve Mad Men, The Switched, and The Dead Man Trilogy.
All proceeds will be donated to Alzheimer’s charities.

Marks thoughts

‘A Novel of Short Stories’. What’s that supposed to be?

Glad you asked.
In this audacious project, the lead writer (Bracha) writes a main narrative designed to connect contributions from a group of writers. With the remit of tell a story about Frank these writers sent their offerings to Bracha to perform his witchcraft on. The lad doesn’t set easy tasks for himself, but that’s the reason Bracha has developed so fully as a writer and why he remains the most exciting Indie writer in the UK at present.
The creativity and skill required to connect these stories- in a manner that flows along in a smooth, engaging narrative where the reader is never jarred form the story, despite the section written by others, as a novel from a single author working alone would- is both considerable, and completely at Bracha’s disposal.
In Frank peppercorn we have a series of tales of Frank’s childhood, teens, adulthood, crimes, loves, and losses, linked into the main narrative set at Frank’s funeral. Throughout the story Frank’s past is revealed to the reader, as well as his widow. We discover a man with a colourful, dark, desperate, and touching history.
Bracha leads his reader form one entry to the next utilising, what I consider, his finest writing to date. The brash Bracha of old, who’ll try to finger your pet and make you laugh at his insolence, has vanished, to be replaced by a much more considered writer, who has created a perfect storm of bottomless creativity, skilled technique and heartfelt emotion to produce a standout novel (of shorts).
Funny, entertaining, heart-breaking, ostentatious and immensely invigorating, The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn is a triumph.

Featuring contributions from:

Dominic Adler – The Ninth Circle
Jason Beech – Moorlands
Kevin Berg – Indifference
Paul D. Brazill – A Case of Noir, Guns of Brixton, Kill Me Quick
Robert Cowan – The Search For Ethan, For All is Vanity
Craig Furchtenicht – Dimebag Bandits, Behind the 8 Ball
Shervin Jamali – The Devil’s Lieutenant
Jason Michel – The Death of Three Colours, The Black-Hearted Beat
Allen Miles – This is How You Disappear
Alex Shaw – The Aidan Snow series
Martin Stanley – The Gamblers, Glasgow Grin, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Billingham Forum
Mark Wilson (CP Wilson) – The dEaDINBURGH series, On The Seventh Day, Ice Cold Alice

The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn is available now from Abrachadabra books at Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

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