In Plain Sight by M.A.Comley~~~~ BLOG TOUR~~~~

Today I am so excited to welcome the Mel Comley to take part in my Q&A Interview on In Plain Sight Blog Tour. Not only that but you can always check my review at the bottom…so keep reading folks.

Good morning Mel welcome to Chelle’s Book Reviews.Can you tell us a little about yourself and background?
Morning Shell, thank you so much for inviting me to do a Q&A with you, this should be fun. Ooo… where do I start. I was married at eighteen and divorced by twenty-five, never been tempted to get married a second time, although I have been engaged once. I think I’ll grow old with a dog as a companion instead. ☺ I used to be a supermarket manager for the Co-op, I was promoted by the top man in the company when he visited a store in Worcester, I was a grocery manager at the time. I was summoned to head office in Manchester and promoted on the spot, which didn’t go down well with my colleagues, but hey, I ended up saving the company lots of money, so it was a real feather in my cap. I took early retirement at the tender age of 37, but I soon became bored after renovating our first house in France. I then enrolled in a creative writing course. That’s really where my love of writing began.

When did you know that you wanted to become a writer? and how did you go about it?
Oops, I’ve kind of answered this question above. However, when we moved to France a family member visited us with a bag full of English books for us to read. I started reading a few Mills and Boon books and thought I could do much better, my Mum actually challenged me to prove it. I took up the challenge and wrote two romance novellas but my heart wasn’t really in writing romances. I then stumbled across my first James Patterson thriller which made my adrenaline rush and my heart pound. I knew then that I wanted to write thrillers and not soppy romances, so I penned my first book, Cruel Justice, it actually took me 18 months to write.

Can you tell us what genre your books are and the audience you write for?
I write gritty, fast-paced thrillers mostly, such as the Justice series, Hero series or the DI Sally Parker series, although I do have a private investigator series, which has a slightly slower pace, I have three books in the Intention series. I also co-write the gripping Deception series with fellow NY Times bestselling author Linda S Prather and the Organised Crime Team series with bestselling author Tara Lyons.

I suppose my books would be suitable for anyone who likes James Patterson, Karen Rose, Angie Marsons, and any other authors who write faced-paced thrillers.

What is your writing process? and how long does it take?
I plan out an outline but this is subject to change halfway through writing the novel as the character’s personalities begin to take hold. I work over 100 hours a week and regularly write a book a month, it’s the editing process that takes more time than the actual plotting and writing the story. I write every day, rain or shine, I have to otherwise my brain would seize up. lol

Are your characters based on anyone you know or are they just fictional?
Mainly fictional, although Carol, the psychic in the Justice series, is based on a very dear friend of mine who I lost to breast cancer about twenty years ago. Lorne, my main character in that series, is really me, but don’t tell anyone. ☺

Have you written about a personal experience in your novels?
Yes, in my standalone novel Evil In Disguise, the first part of that book actually reflects my own experience of living with an abusive partner. It’s an uncomfortable read for anybody who has never suffered any kind of abuse, but it was a very cathartic exercise for me and one that I’m glad I had the balls to deal with. This also highlights another reason why I’ll never remarry, even if Prince Charming tried to change my mind. ☺

What research do you do?
I’m constantly researching for my books, it’s a non-stop exercise for me to be honest. I do a mixture of asking experts in the fields I’m working in and trawling through the Internet.

Who would you like to co-write with and why?
I have been fortunate to co-author a few books with talented authors Linda Prather and Tara Lyons as I’ve already stated but I would really love the opportunity to write with James Patterson, the master of the thriller genre.

What’s your favorite book?
The Ladykiller – Martina Cole
Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown
And the first six or seven books in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson.

What’s your favourite food?
I love curries, home-made curries.

What’s your favourite film?
Gosh, I’m not really a film buff, I’m afraid. Maybe Marley and Me, a real-tearjerker. Oh, and Meet the Fockers, for when I need a good laugh. Oh wait, The Green Mile too, a totally heart-breaking film.

What’s your favourite song?
I love Motown songs – hard to pick a favourite, oh wait, I’m off again; the song that has had most significance in my life is Wilson Philips’ Hold On – it gave me the strength to ask my husband for a divorce. 😉

How can readers find out more information about yourself and your books?

Thanks for having me Shell, I hope the readers enjoy my latest book, In Plain Site, which has just been released by Bloodhound Books.

Thank you for taking part Mel 🙂

My Thoughts

Here I am again jumping head into a book because I love the cover so much. But unknown to me, for some strange reason I had no idea this book is the third in a series. Yes it works well has a standalone but part of me feels like I was missing something because I have yet to read the first two in this series. Which without a doubt I will be doing because I really enjoyed this book. And want to get to know Hero more.

This story starts off with one action packed opening with a police car chase. Wowsers.. The characters voices totally got inside my head making me feel like.I actually I was in the car with them. Mel certainly knows how to make you feel part of the story that’s for sure.

DI Hero soon discovers victims at the crime scene are police officers one being a good friend. Imagine having to tell the family this tragic news?! Hero asks the public for help in his hunt to track down the killer. Which he soon regrets when the criminal starts taking Hostages. Can Hero and the police catch the murderer before more innocent victims are hurt?

This is one fast paced story with plenty of tension which I couldn’t put down. In fact I read this in one afternoon. It is definitely a page turner and kept me on the edge of my sit. Which I highly recommend this book giving it 4 stars.

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