Left for Dead by Deborah Rogers

Left for DeadLeft for Dead by Deborah Rogers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Having read The Devils Wire and loving it I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this Novella Left For Dead.

Told from Amelia Kellaway point of view. After quitting her job and turning her back on the suffocating corporate world of a New York law firm to embark on a three month solo trek of the California Coastal Trail.We follower her on one terrifying journey where her dream turns into a nightmare by being kidnapped. We get inside her head with brilliant descriptions of her emotions after the kidnapping, making me will Amelia along.

This is a story about fighting for survival when left for dead The Author has wrote a tense a gripping story where I wanted to know why she was kidnapped making this a page turner.

With this story being a Novella I flew through it. I have to say while reading this story I felt like I had seen it has a movie has it is kind of along the lines of the Wrong Turn films which I love.

The Author has put a lot of excitement into this and I feel the length was just right.

And the ending…..I certainly wasn’t excepting that! If your looking for a short and face paced read I highly recommend this giving it 4 stars.

Thank You to Deborah Rogers for an advanced copy of this in exchange for a honest review.

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