Wild Thing by L.M. Krier

Wild Thing (DI Ted Darling #6)Wild Thing by L.M. Krier
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Having been recommended the DI Ted Darling series only twelve months ago, unbelievably I have devoured all of this series since. With the author writing three of the novels last year and another three this year…..my gosh where has this year gone! But has always LM Krier doesn’t disappoint and is one talented lady if I do say so myself. There is something about the style of writing that I love. It very crisp and well written and draws you in from the start.

In this sixth installment of Ted finds myself working on latest case takes him to the darkest side of the human psyche, where identifying the killer is the least of his problems.With random unrelated coldblooded killings happening in the same area where the RSPCA officers are investing. The big question is are these crime connected with the murders? And with distractions in Ted’s private life this is last thing he needs with it getting in the way of a complex enquiry.

Firstly did I mention that I lost my reading moto recently? I am happy to say that it is finally back thanks to this corker of a story. Ted is one of those characters which you can not help fall in love with and each story-line taking the reader into another world. Having read all six I feel like I personally know Ted has a person and I love the fact that with each story the author deals with some sensitive subject matters. Making each one impressionable. And Wild Thing certainly does that with some very uncomfortable scenes that made me squirm. But not only that I love the humor that is added in to. And each one being a page turner.

I can’t help but wonder where does the author get all theses original story-lines from. With Crime being such a popular genre I can honestly say that these stories are nothing like anything I have read before. I cannot wait to read what is in store for Ted in his next case.

Although this can be read has a standalone,the whole series it is to good not to miss. If your looking for something original why not try Ted, you wont be disappointed.

I highly recommend this giving it 4.5 stars. And would like to thank LM Krier for a copy in exchange for a honest review.

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