THE HAT by Georgie Logan


THE HAT by Georgie Logan

Well its only taken me 6 months to read this book….talk about The Never Ending story!!! Yes guys its a long one and consists of 699 pages and split into 5 parts. Way to long for my liking, so do be warned.

The story starts off in 1972 then we fast forward to 1974. Then again to Summer 1977, Summer 1982, Spring 1983, Winter 1983 and Winter 1984 giving a background for the characters. I was like what on earth going on!! Personally I don’t think any of that was needed. But after a slow start the story starts to take shape where we follow…

Callie Lewis, AKA Calista Constantinou, once a young thief and hustler, she became a ruthless businesswoman although she is haunted by her grief, loneliness and guilt that caused her to flee London forever. Hottie Eddie Melane South London’s most notorious thief,Then with a tragic event leaving him badly scarred, lonely and a broken man, Eddie now counts the days until he can escape his miserable life. Renos Markides North London’s biggest villain. All three fighting their own personal demons and trapped in lives they never wanted are brought together by fate and murder.

With the story being set between a quiet Greek village and the dangerous streets of London and the story is told over 40 years.

The blurb totally sold it to me with it sounding like grit-lit/Gangland my favourite genre. But what it doesn’t tell you is the amount of Erotica this book is filled with. Now bearing in mind I started out reviewing Erotica so I have read loads of it. And for me I really feel like the to genre mixed together just doesn’t cut it. I actually think this should be called 50 Shades of The Hat!!

BUT………The whole grit-lit scenes are brilliant I was so engrossed, then having an OMG moment to find it just jumped into a massive sex scene….. where I found myself saying REALLY. The Hat needs chopping up and putting back together if I am totally honest. And a new cover has it doesn’t resemble anything to do with the title or scream out at me saying buy me. There is also to many characters to keep up with.

I can see a cracking gangland author in the making, who would give authors like Martina Cole and Kimberly chambers etc a run for there money. But for me this is a 3.5 stars

Thank you to the author for a copy in exchange for an honest review

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