Strangers by Paul Finch

StrangersStrangers by Paul Finch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Being a fan of Paul Finch I couldn’t wait to get stuck into this latest novel Strangers and once again Paul doesn’t disappoint…. his writing just gets better and better. With this one being my favorite so far, I totally loved it and devoured it in one day it is just brilliant!

The story starts off with one gritty prologue taking us back four years where we are introduced to the main character Lucy and DI Mandy Doyle. Unfortunately Lucy’s career doesn’t get off to a good start in fact it starts off disastrous. Leaving Lucy in uniform has a PC rather than CID. Then we fast forward to the present day and we follow Lucy on one hell of a roller coaster journey on a hunt for a serial female serial killer Jill The Reaper. And Lucy is about to find out, going undercover is the most dangerous work there is. And these murders are as brutal as they come, talk about hardcore.

For me there is nothing like to like bout this book Lucy is one strong courageous character who I really do hope to read more of. And it is certainly a page turner that is so intense I was literally on the edge of my seat. I also love the fact that this is a story about a female serial killer making it very unique.

This is one dark, gruesome and gritty story that you certainly sink your teeth into which I highly recommend giving it 5 easy stars.

Thank you to Paul Finch and Avon for an advanced copy in exchange for a honest review.

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