Beneath The Surface by Heidi Perks

Beneath The SurfaceBeneath The Surface by Heidi Perks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Imagine coming home one day to find your your family are there and in fact they have totally gone without a trace! this is what happens to teenager Abigail Ryde. She finds her step sisters room completely empty and things in the house have also gone missing. But the police think she’s trouble, and when grandmother Eleanor tells her to forget them all and move on, there’s no choice other than face the future – alone. so fourteen years on Abigail is on the verge of parenthood but finds the past is back to haunt her and she must uncover the truth.

Wow what a story I was hooked from start to finish following Abigail’s emotion roller coaster of a journey wanting to know what had happened to Abigail’s family all those years ago.

The story is written from three peoples perspective unfolding the story of the mystery which I loved. The author certainly knows how to keep you guessing with the build up of suspense throughout. And I have to say what an ending I wasn’t expecting that.

I highly recommend this to any fan of psychological thriller giving it 4 Stars.

Thank you to Heidi Perks for a copy of this in exchange for a honest review.

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