No More Birthdays by Lissa Pelzer BLOG TOUR

No More Birthdays
by Lissa Pelzer
Genre: Crime
Release Date: Aug 2015
Series: Carol Ann Baker #1
Runaway teenager, Lilly Lessard has some secrets. For a start, that’s not her real name and she wants to keep quiet about her real age too. Bumping into ex-hitman Bobby at a small town film festival isn’t the coincidence it seems either. She’s tracked him here. He owes her money and she’s desperate enough to come looking for it.
And she’s not the only one who has followed him here. Detective Davis is after him too. She’s been after him in Miami for years, but never quite managed to get a hold on him. Maybe this weekend she’ll get lucky.
But the closer Lilly gets to Bobby and his money, the closer Davis gets to them both. One by one, their secrets are coming out. And Lilly’s about to find out, the worst secrets are the ones you keep from yourself.


‘There’s no money,’ Cassandra said dryly. ‘Don’t be a dumbass. Don’t get in that car. It’s not safe.’
Lilly watched the end of the girl’s cigarette burn as she took a hit. Cassandra had always liked the fact that Bobby was a dangerous man. But she hadn’t seen him that night when he got back in the room after killing The Judge. His face had blanched and his false teeth had hung half out of his mouth. Killing The Judge hadn’t been easy for Bobby, not like when he drove past that phone box down in Florida and shot three times into some guy’s back. Bobby had lost his appetite for murder. He wouldn’t try to kill her, not unless it was absolutely necessary.
‘I have to take the risk,’ Lilly said. ‘I’ve got nothing. I’ve got to try. And if Bobby doesn’t give me the money, I’m as good as dead anyway.’
Lissa Pelzer is a British crime writer living in Germany.
Her previous published work includes romance fiction under a pseudonym. No More Birthdays is her first work under her own name.
An ecopy of the book

Wow!! I can not believe this is Lissa Pelzer’s debut novel this is the first book in the Carol Ann Baker series ( who shares the same middle and end names has me by the way) And what a page turner it is to, I devoured this in one sitting I just couldn’t put it down. Runaway teenager Lilly Lessard is the main character who has some secrets. First of all that’s not her real name. And she keeps her age very low key.Then Lilly tracks her ex-hitman Bobby down. after he owes her money.but she’s not the only one who’s followed Bobby. Detective Davis has been after him in Miami for years. but the closer Lilly gets to him the closer Davis is to. Lilly goes through a rollercoaster of events to save her skin which will leaving you feeling sorry for her and routing for her at the same time. She won’t stop until she has her money. Lissa has written this brilliantly with some touchy scenes involving pedophile rings.I could actually feel the sensitivity in her writing and the characters are well described and believable. This book is one not to be missed its full of crime action murder and deceit. And best of all its left on a cliffhanger. yes don’t you just love a cliffhanger?! I was like OMG… No Way. So now I am hanging on waiting for the next one in the series to find out what happens. So if you’re looking for a faced paced, gripping story with lots of twists and turns then this is the book for you. I am giving this 5 massive stars I highly recommend it.

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