Dark Necessities by Robin Roughley

Dark Necessities (DS Lasser series Book 12)Dark Necessities by Robin Roughley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK so I’m finally jumping on the Robin Roughley band wagon, its only taken me twelve books! Well what can I say but OMG can this guy write a book story. In fact he is better than good. Robin is definefly a very talented writer, who knows how to draw the reader in straight from the start. Keeping you captive until the end

This exciting story starts off were we meet Chaz Finch and his brother Ronan, who are driving a stolen car (well Chaz is, Ronan is the passenger drinking white lightening!) Then Chaz ends up dropping a stone from a motorway way bridge….which sparks off a whole chain of events. While Lasser is having problems of his own he knows Plymouth is on the warpath and those responsible will suffer. Then there is abuser Paul Conroy and Lasser knows he has to catch him before he finds his next victim. As the stakes grow ever higher Lasser finds himself trapped in a maelstrom of murder and violence as the clock ticks away the seconds towards the ultimate confrontation.

The story is built up with lots of short chapters leaving me with anticipation and racing on to the next chapter to find out whats going to happen. I love the fact that the author just gets on and tells the story without to much description of the scenery for example a Tesco car park, we all know what one of those looks like.

This is a story about two families at war which has the gangland genre about it. And not forgetting the gruesome parts that made me cringe, very graphic I have to say. But also a sensitive story. I cannot begin to describe how well crafted this story is. But what can I say this book is freaking amazing I bloody loved it. And will be playing catch up reading all of the books in this series. The characters are brilliant and after reading so many rave reviews I am very pleased that I have finally met DS Lasser and Plymouth. If your looking for a new series to read I would certainly give this one a try.

Dark Necessities is one hell of a page turner which I highly recommend giving it 5 massive stars.

Thank you to the author for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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