Games People Play (Charlie Cameron #1) by Owen Mullen

Games People Play (Charlie Cameron, #1)Games People Play by Owen Mullen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Games People Play is Owen Mullen debut novel which I absolutely loved. This book starts off starting with a tense beginning leaving me with an OMG moment wanting to know more, what can I say I was truly hooked. This is one of those books that everything has to stop just to read this to find out more. I was gutted I had to leave it to go to work, but found myself picking up where I left it has soon has I got home! I love it when a book does that to me.

The story starts off with Mark, Jen and Thirteen month old daughter Lily at Ayr beach in Scotland Jen decides to go for quick deep in the sea one minute she is swimming the next she the current is dragging her to the bottom. Mark jumps in after her with all the dread and panic going on getting Jen out of the water he soon realises someone has abducted daughter Lily. BOOM!!! what a hell of tense start, talk about being on tenterhooks.

Mark then goes to Glasgow Private Investigator Charlie Cameron’s office three days later believing he knows who stole his daughter and why. Charlie gets involved in the case. Then a children’s body is found in on Fenwick Moor, then another in St Andrews with a serial killer out there gone undetected for decades. With this case we have a good character build up with Charlie with it bringing back memories for him. I think Charlie is a very strong character and I am looking forward to reading more of him throughout this series.

I love how the author builds up the anxiety and tension throughout his writing with very page I turn with Sensitively show in the subject matter. This kept me guessing until end with lots of twists and turns. And I have to say I felt Like i was right there in the story with the wonderful descriptions of Scotland.

This book will definitely be on my best reads for 2016, I can’t recommend it enough giving it a massive 5 stars.

Thank you Owen Mullen for an advanced reader’s copy

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