Journey To Death by Leigh Russell Blog Tour

I am delighted to be part of the launch celebrations of Leigh Russell’s novel Journey to Death which was published by Thomas & Mercer on 3rd March 2016. Journey to Death is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US in both e-book and paperback. 

Book description
Lucy Hall arrives in the Seychelles determined to leave her worries behind. The tropical paradise looks sun-soaked and picture-perfect—but as Lucy soon discovers, appearances can be very deceptive. A deadly secret lurks in the island’s history, buried deep but not forgotten. And it is about to come to light.

As black clouds begin to gather over what promised to be a relaxing family break, Lucy realises that her father stands in the eye of the coming storm. A shadow from his past is threatening to destroy all that he holds dear—including the lives of his loved ones.

A dark truth is about to explode into their lives, and that truth is going to hit them right between the eyes.

My Thoughts

First of all I have to say what a brilliant book cover and title they really do jump out at me. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Journey To Death and to be honest I am not sure what I was expecting with this new series after reading Leigh’s Geraldine Steel and Ian Peterson. But Leigh never fails to disappoint and I really enjoyed this book.

The Prologue starts off in 1977 where we are introduced to George Hall who is working in the Seychelles and falls in love with Veronique. But then George leaves and never speaks to her again. 30 years later George his wife Angela and Lucy go on holiday to the Seychelles where lucy wants to leave her worries at home after a breakup with her fiance. But A deadly secret lurks in the island’s history, buried deep but not forgotten. And it is about to come to light.

I have to say the stunning description of the Seychelles is absolutely beautiful I felt like I was there with Lucy. Leigh Russell has definitely done her research. I really liked the characters and I found this a refreshing easy read after reading it in one afternoon I couldn’t put down. I would say this is an adventure mystery with a twist.

I am giving this 4 stars which I highly recommend. Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for a ACR copy in exchange for an honest review.

My typical writing day

It’s hard to describe my typical writing day. For a full-time author there is so much to do, apart from actually writing and working on edits. When I gave up my day job to write, I had no idea how much of my time would be spent attending literary festivals, giving author talks, doing book signings and travelling. Sadly I can’t accept every invitation and of course I could say no to them all, but I enjoy getting out and meeting readers and fellow authors. It makes for a very busy life but I wouldn’t change it for anything. As long as I can indulge my passion for writing, I’m happy.

Now that my time is, in theory, my own, whenever I am at home – which was for six months in total last year – my working day usually starts in bed. Propped up on pillows, I deal with emails and engage with my fans on social media, and perhaps write a blog post, before I get up. After having breakfast in bed I start writing, either in bed or in my study in the next room, depending on how I feel.

Most of my writing is done at my desk in my study. I have a particular light on my desk which is only used when I’m writing. At all other times, I turn on a different light. During the daytime the shutters on the window above my desk are open as I love to look out and see the trees and the sky. My predecessor in the study had the windows treated so that it’s possible to see out, but no one can see in, so my study feels very private. All my writing is done on my iPad at my desk, or my iPad mini when I’m away from my desk. The two devices are sync’d so whatever happens on one magically appears on the other. As long as I have one of my iPads, and my keyboard, it doesn’t matter to me where I am. I can write anywhere in the world, and I never go anywhere without my iPad in my pocket.

I never listen to music while I’m writing as I find it too distracting, but can happily write with the radio or television on in the background. Somehow the sound of people talking doesn’t seem to bother me. Isaac Asimov liked to write in busy places, where he found the buzz of people around him inspiring. There are times when I need complete silence and the slightest sound breaks my concentration, but often I can write anywhere, in cafes or even on the train. My writing space is in my head.

So it’s difficult to describe a ‘typical’ day because every day is different. But I can tell you that one  of the most beautiful places I have ever spent time writing was in the Seychelles when I was researching Journey to Death. The setting was truly inspiring, as ‘grey clouds suddenly flared with orange light, and the sea shimmered pink and golden beneath the setting sun.’

One thought on “Journey To Death by Leigh Russell Blog Tour

  1. Great to read another wonderful review, even though I wouldn't expect less, having read all of Leigh Russell's previous books. Wow! We have a fast reader in our midst. Having said that, Leigh's books are so gripping that it is almost impossible to put them down once you started reading.


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