Shut Up and Drive: DI Ted Darling Book 4 by L.M Krier

Shut Up and Drive: DI Ted Darling Book 4Shut Up and Drive: DI Ted Darling Book 4 by L M Krier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shut Up And Drive is the fourth in the DI Ted Darling series which I absolutely loved, this is most definitely the best one yet. I have to say how much I love the cover, there is something really intriguing about it and after reading the book it totally suits the story.

So DI Ted Darling and his team are on a case for A serial sex attacker in Stockport. This man is very dangerous and randomly targets young women and abducts them from busy supermarket car parks. He’s armed with a knife and is clearly highly trained in how to handle it. All his victims say he’s dead behind the eyes. The dangerous predator becomes even more ruthless and his actions threaten the lives of more than one of the team members.

We get to learn more about Ted and Trevor and their background. And like I have said before the name Ice queen does make me giggle.I am sure there is more to come from her character.

Has with all L.M.Krier books sensitivity is show without her writing skills with the subject matter has there are some uncomfortable scenes that might make some readers cringe or your blood boil like it did me. But with the police side of things wow wow wow L.M Krier has definitely upped her game, talk about being a action packed thriller. I was literally on the edge of my seat with the build up of this climax willing Ted along. It was fantastic. I have to say Ted would make a brilliant television show.

Even though it is written has a series I feel that it can be read as a standalone. But the series is well worth reading has a whole. There is nothing not to like about DI Ted Darling. They are all page turners, the author knows how to keep the reader’s attention from the very first page.

And for all you Ted fans out there, you are in for one hell of a treat. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed this book it is a easy 5 star read from me.

And I would just like to say thank you to L.M Krier for an advanced copy of this.

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