Ordinary Joe by Jon Teckman

Ordinary JoeOrdinary Joe by Jon Teckman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ordinary Joe is most definitely an original story and I have read a few film books in my time. I really did enjoy this book.

Joe west an account is a very ordinary guy, over weight, married with two kids who works in the film industry. until he beds film actress Olivia Finch. But who wouldn’t bed a movie star, if you had the chance?! Joe goes through a series of nightmare events after digging himself a hole and trying to get out of it. Then there is bennett who denies sleeping with Olivia after she keeps sending him emails and texts. But no one believes him with his track record. But Olivia unknown to her is pestering the wrong guy.

The characters are very well written and realistic everyday people and you get to know them very quickly. I do really like Jon’s writing style. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Joe even though he did the unforgivable.

I read this book in two sittings and to be honest I didn’t actually know where this book was going but then it turned out to be a totally fun laugh out loud book and very gripping. The ending wasn’t what I expected at all but I did like it being a shocker!

I am giving this 4 stars if you’re looking for a light read that’s different then this is the book for you. Also thank you Jon Teckman for a copy of this in exchange for a honest review. It was lovely to meet you.

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