My Kind Of Justice Col Bury

My Kind of JusticeMy Kind of Justice by Col Bury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First of all i would like to say thank you to Col Bury who gave me a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review after meeting him.This is Col Bury’s debut novel and what a page turner it is. My first thoughts when i started this book was OMG as if this nice lovely bloke has wrote such a hardcore, gritty police novel and use such language. Yes a word of warning this book contains bad language but col has wrote it to fit in with the story which has been very well done and wouldn’t seem right without it.Has it fits in with the story line.

My Kind Of Justice is set in the streets of Manchester which i found a refreshing change col clearly knows Manchester very well and shows this throughout the book. The Story starts off with a prologue set in the past then the actual story moves on to the present. But with Jack growing up in the Manchester having a past he wants to forget, is hard when he sees old friends around.It Keeps you wondering if DI Jack Strikers secret will ever come out. The story line is very believable and the characters are very likable and well written. I am looking forward to Davidson and Bardsley being developed more in the next installment.

This book is fast paced i read it in two evenings so if your looking for an action packed book with lots of twists and turns then I highly recommend this. I am giving it a massive 5 stars.

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