Two Little Boys by L.M.KRIER

Two Little Boys: DI Ted Darling Book IITwo Little Boys: DI Ted Darling Book II by L.M. Krier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

L M Krier has done it again, i have got to say this series is just getting better. And i am giving this a massive 5 well deserved stars.

This is the second book in the DI Ted Darling series were we see Ted and Tev’s relationship develop and get to know more about them especially with this crime subject showing you Ted’s unpleasant childhood experience. We are introduced to a new character nicknamed the ice queen. This name did make me giggle.

I read this in one sitting, i just couldn’t put it down, the twist at the end is just brilliant,I didn’t see that coming. The subject matter of child abuse is very sensitive and L M Krier has portrayed this with her excellent writing skills.

If you are looking for a new detective crime series then is for you. It is faced paced and keeps you wanting more. I am looking forward to the third one in the series.

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